Local Business Advertising Ideas - How to advertise your services?

If you are wondering how to advertise your services as a local company, I have compiled a complete guide below. I tried to guide you step by step through the next options and give you at least a few ideas. Advertising a service company is slightly different from the actions you take, for example, when promoting an online store. Let's get to the point!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Optimizing the website in a way that is attractive to the search engine and the end user. We should make sure that it loads quickly, is intuitive, has an appropriate internal link structure and several other aspects. It is also necessary to create content that will contribute to achieving better positions for specific phrases.

Industry blog - One of the elements of a website that helps with local positioning is a company blog. By conducting it in a professional way, you will make potential customers get to know you better and find it easier when they look for a specialist in the subject you write about

Google My Business - A free and undisputed business card
If you don't have a Google listing yet, I recommend that you create one. Especially when you think about local promotion! This is one of the basic channels that allows other entities to gain new customers who are looking for products and services. Stationary clothes store? Beauty Studio? Photo studio? Each of these cases and many others have a chance to be more successful in the field of marketing by professionally completing the business card. You will do it for free.

Organic Promotion: YouTube positions a video better on your site when it gets a lot of views in the first 24 hours. It's time for us, from other social media, to encourage our fans to come over and watch the material on this channel.

Communities: YouTube is also a portal where we can share "Stories". Let us make sure that from time to time there are news from the life of the service point or interesting materials that may be of interest to a potential recipient. An example would be a recording from inside one of the premises.

Influencer marketing and content marketing
If you are wondering how to advertise your services, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with two basic concepts. Thanks to them, you will be richer in definitions and examples, which you need to use in practice.

Influencer marketing - Promotion with the use of people with reach and involvement in the local market. Thanks to this, you reach people who are fans of that person with a company product or service, settling accounts with them in a predetermined manner.

Sponsoring local events or organizing your own
The above-mentioned events are a great opportunity to present your company values, products or services, and also to bring you closer to the local community. Everyone (or at least people interested in the subject or industry) have the opportunity to get to know you better and verify whether they want to use your services in the future. Local press - Przemyśl, or the presence in the local press (e.g. local, city guides) is an opportunity for you to reach potential customers. Sometimes it may turn out that by investing surprisingly small amounts, your message has a chance to see quite a lot of people. The same applies to leaflets and catalogs (e.g. a catalog of another company in the industry in which our company is presented).

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